Chic Chat

Join Cathleen for ChicChat

Every woman knows there is nothing like the advice of her “girls” when faced with a problem or dilemma.

What Is ChicChat?

Chic Chat is a new talk show in which host, Cathleen Trigg, combines her skills as an Emmy Award-winning journalist with her warm, caring style, guiding the conversation and asking all the right questions. It’s a “Girls Night In” with a special guest and two of her best girlfriends, complete with delving questions and a bottle of wine. Cathleen enables the guest to get the help and respite she needs and deserves, while enlightening those watching with information and advice that just might make a difference in their own lives. The platform of topics for ChicChat inspire, dramatize and jubilate aiming to provide viewers with positive, spiritually uplifting experiences as well as delving into the personal lives of both the host and her fabulous guests. ChicChat is produced by CatScape Productions, Cathleen Trigg’s very own production company.

Episode 1 – Guest Yvonna Kopacz-Wright

ChicChat guest 

Clips from EPISODE 1